Breaking Money Blocks Workshop

February 13, 2022 @ –
247 Lark Street
2nd Floor, Albany, 12210

Learn how to release yourself from blockages of embracing financial stability and change our relationship with money to obtain abundance.

Release yourself from blockages surrounding financial stability and change your relationship with money to one of abundance.
We will explore these factors:
-How core beliefs can conflict with achieving financial abundance
-How to be open to financial freedom instead of financial struggle
-The most common money blocks and how to release them.
When it comes to manifesting money, and creating financial abundance, many people struggle with making enough money to help them live the life they truly desire…And when you embark on your lives journey this struggle can become even more confusing.
We will be open to FINANCIAL FREEDOM, which is what most people wish for. However, it’s also very common for people’s core beliefs to conflict with achieving financial abundance. Therefore, causing financial struggle.
Register now to reserve your spot–seating limited. Guests will be give a packet of information and meet new friends also working on breaking money blockages in their lives.