Target Turn Up

May 7, 2022 @ –
26 Crossing Blvd
Clifton Park, NY 12065-4180
United States


Did you all think we were done fighting for these black children who were brutalized at Target a few weeks ago? Read down below to see why we will still be out supporting this family in their fight for justice until demands are met‼️✊🏾

On April 18th, a 14-year-old Black boy with autism was assaulted by Clifton Park Police at a local Target.

A Target manager called the police to have the boy and his friends removed.

The victim in question was later accused of shoplifting, but video of the incident shows law enforcement using extreme and excessive force on the children while bewildered bystanders begged them to stop.

Just one year shy of Saratoga County’s submission of EO 203 to the Governor, we are seeing their behavior unchanged and unaffected by the cries for justice, equity, and fairness, putting the lives of Black children living on the spectrum in serious danger.

From Troy Canales to Elijah McClain, Black children, especially those living with autism, have traumatizing encounters with police for their atypical behavior. This stops here. This stops with us. #takethetargetoffourback #dropthosecarts ‼️