Red Goats of Kingston in Albany

By Patrick Dodson for Albany Proper

The Red Goats of Kingston, a street art campaign in Kingston, New York, that gained worldwide attention after a New York Times article this weekend, have been spotted in Albany in the form of stickers.

From the article:

“It’s not entirely clear what the red goats mean. It’s not entirely clear they mean anything. But as an object lesson of how fast images can spread in the digital world and how quickly they can come to stand for many different things, even if they began as standing for nothing, consider the blank white planter, the red goat and a tattoo artist with not much to do on the streets of Kingston.”

The Red Goat has been spreading thanks to a Facebook page where you can download and print the original stencil.

The commission that is planning what to do with the “vandalized” property and the new attention it has gained meets today, two days before the two original artists caught red-handed are set to appear in court.

Patrick Dodson