Albany Halloween over the years (photos)

By Patrick Dodson

Here’s a collection of Patrick Dodson’s photos from Halloween celebrations around Albany the last few years. Student Ghetto house parties, bars, and zombie marches — Albany has consistently seen its fair share of ghouls, sexy cheerleaders, and in 2009, Billy Mays. Eco-friendly students put empty Keystone Light and pizza boxes to creative uses and learned not to wear masks into bodegas. One year, outside Pine Hills Market, Halloween revelers witnessed a sexy cop get tackled and arrested by two real, considerably less-sexy, cops. What will this year bring?

  • Patrick‚Äôs work has been published internationally, including on the front pages of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. After a 10-year career in journalism and marketing, he is now pursuing a graduate degree in public administration. He founded Albany Proper in 2012.