Armbruster / Ethan Woods / Ben Seretan @ No Fun

May 18, 2022 @ –
No Fun

a FREE night of deep zones, gentle drones, and lightly outré tunes

we DARE you to lay on the floor during this one, c’mon


Ethan Woods (he/him, b. 1989, Asheville, North Carolina) is an American songwriter and composer living in Brooklyn, New York. He released his second solo record, Burnout, on Arbor Day, April 29, 2022. He currently co-leads the psychedelic rock band Fun Facts (with Suzie Kim, Matt Evans, and Mike Powers) and the electronic pop duos Hyperion Drive (with Alice Tolan-Mee) and Landauer (with Dan Miller). Outside of the world of music, he works as an ISA certified arborist, and has been climbing trees professionally for the last five years.

Connor Armbruster is a violinist, performance artist, and composer from Troy, NY. In his debut release with Dear Life Records, Masses, Armbruster inhabits the vast, empty sanctuary of an old church and communicates with the building using his electric and acoustic violins. His performances call upon the memory of this building to create a live dialogue with wherever he’s playing. Armbruster is proud to have performed with bands throughout the capital region including Joan Kelsey’s Silver Lining, Russel the Leaf, Nathan Meltz’s House of Tomorrow, Carolyn Shapiro, and Hold On Honeys, and he is a performer and creator with Troy Foundry Theatre.

Ben Seretan is a musician and writer who is always up to something, and has been for a while now. His work can be hard to pin down – in 2018 he doled out My Life’s Work, a 24-hour-long piece of guitar drone autobiography but then followed it in early 2020 with Youth Pastoral, a mega-church-sized, full-band album about breaking up (with God) that was named one of the best of the year by Pitchfork. Another left turn – 2021 brought Cicada Waves, a serene record consisting entirely of an antique piano and encountered sound from the Appalachian woods (“There’s a moment towards the end where Seretan spontaneously duets with a nearby songbird and it’s one of the most magical things you’ll hear this (or any) year.” -Aquarium Drunkard). He also maintains My Big Break, a hard-to-describe biweekly newsletter featuring new writing and new recordings.