Capital Region in Solidarity with Buffalo Speak Out/March “Healing and Accountanbility”

May 21, 2022 @ –
Townsend Park

Capital Region Community Response – Solidarity with Buffalo Speak Out and March
“Healing and Accountability”
Saturday May 21st
Townshend Park
**Simultaneously Live Streaming Buffalo Speak Out at 12pm**

In light of the horrific atrocities in Buffalo which injured 3 and stole 10 lives, we will meet and hold space for healing and accountability.
We will live stream in solidarity with Buffalo and their actions that begin at 12pm.
After which we will conduct a moment of silence for the ten lives lost and speak out and demand accountability and action to condemn and dismantle white supremacist rhetoric and ideology that devalues Black, Indigenous POC Lives and threatens to subvert the humanity in us all. First, healing. Space will be provided to grieve these attacks and losses as well as our ongoing lived experience under racial terror motivated by emboldened white supremacy. The violence is becoming too commonplace and normalized, and the outcry is virtually absent. At a time when groups are being targeted, they cannot simultaneously educate and negotiate their humanity.
Second, accountability. We demand recognition of those who are truly responsible for the radicalization of youth and the proliferation of racist and bigoted ideology.
For four hundred years these values have festered and remain America’s sleeping giant. Throughout history it has been race-based chattel slavery. Black codes, erupted as lynchings in the Post-Reconstruction South, Jim Crow, extrajudicial killings and brutality at the hands of police and vigilante armed mass murderers motivated by hate. The time is now to stand and chart a new course and neutralize these online/in real life bastions of hate and their origins.

Please wear a mask and observe social distancing.
Food and refreshments will be provided.
In Kind or Monetary Donations graciously accepted:
Cash App: $BLMBLM2021
In Kind – message AVillage Inc