City of Albany Sustainability Advisory Committee Monthly Meeting

May 5, 2022 @ –

Meeting will be livestreamed via Facebook.

Advance questions/comments from the public can be sent via Facebook message or emailed to:

●Regular Business – 10 minutes
oCall to Order and roll call
oReview/Approval of March 3, 2022 and April 7, 2022 minutes
oPublic Comment Period (Approx. 3 minutes per comment)

●New Business –65 minutes
o(10 min) SUNY Interns – updates
o(10 min) Update on Clean Energy Community Campaigns – 3 campaigns (Energy Efficiency/Heat Pumps, Community Solar and Electric Vehicles) approved by NYSERDA on 10-18-2.
o(5 min) Review of Earth Day activities (DEED and SEED)
o(5 min) Review of Tree Planting on Sunday, May 1
o(10 min) Review of needs for Annual Report
o(5 min) CaD proposal for waterfront
o(5 min) Election of Treasurer
o(15 min) Director of Sustainability, Commissioners and Subcommittee Chairs: Updates
●Upcoming events, calls for Volunteers