Jonn Paul and Groovebeats

May 7, 2022 @ –
Collar City Mushrooms

Collar City Mushrooms and Bliss Arts invite you to attend Jonn Paul and Groovebeats
-an exhibit of paintings by artist Jonn Paul
-artist talk and meet the artist
-live musical performance by Groovebeats
-culinary treats made with Collar City Mushrooms grown fungi
…and who knows what other fun things may materialize…
$10 suggested donation to attend.

A statement by artist Jonn Paul:

“My art making began in high school. My goal was to be an art teacher but the time period was not ideal for my art career. For the next 30 years I taught myself. Then in 2000 at the age of 50 I attended the University of Maine at Orono. From there it’s history to where I am now.
It was in the 1970’s I used this term, Abstract Realism, to describe my art. It was the combination of Cubism, Surrealism, and Illusionism. The artists I admired in the 1970’s were M.C. Escher, Salvatore Dali, and Pablo Picasso. Now I renamed my style to Pseudo-Morphism (false forming).
I hope all those who attend my exhibit will understand what an artist must do to create works of art. ”


Groovebeats plays heavy funk-infused Dead, JGB, and the Band. They are a musical collective of Mike Johnson (guitar), Chris Carballeira (organ / keyboard), Dan Gerken (bass), and Dave Berger (drums).