Performance at Opalka Gallery

March 12, 2022 @ –
Opalka Gallery

The Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company will present a site-specific performance within the Opalka Gallery during the Judith Braun My Pleasure Exhibition on March 12, 2022.

ESDC will create a series of dances that explore, enhance and elaborate on Ms. Braun’s art as well as on the unique design of the exhibit. Ms. Braun’s larger than life black and white paintings, their placement on frames that can be moved within the gallery space, the enormous backdrop of lettering and side paintings at the entrance to the exhibit establish an environment of boldness, mood and intrigue. The layering of ESDC’s choreography throughout the gallery; the selection of early 20th century and current African American jazz and blues music; the striking costume design of Kim Vanyo all combine to ensure an evening of surprise, humor, drama and singular experience.