April 9, 2022 @ –
Fuze Box

⛓💜Obey the Rhythm || Free your Body💜⛓

Join us each second Saturday for the classic rave feels of house, techno, acid, disco, industrial, and 80s jams. Different DJs and bands every month. No constraints, no masters 👻

💸 5 Dollar Cover.

April artists:

A̷C̷I̷D̷ ̷C̷H̷E̷R̷ / Smooth Brain Transsexual DJ Binch. Let me serve u.

DJ Mercy!!!
Mercy is a long-time house music DJ who is all over town. He co-runs the new arts zine Hyper Saturation, is more often than not the DJ soundtracking the region’s drag events, and produces beats for Natural Classics, who performed at last month’s party.

Tall Ass Matt b2b Baby Hands
The power couple of our local scene plays a singularly euphoric mix of both classic & lost disco, boogie, and house tracks. You will fall in love with the person you are dancing with so beware.

These three boys are the life of the party everywhere they go, and are savage on the decks. The Fuze Box was made for Groop.Lab and I’m so excited it will be their first time here!

Disclaimer of Love:

👭 Party safely, and if you feel like you need help getting home, tell a friend or me

👩‍🎤 Present yourself in a way that is empowering and affirming. Both myself and the venue owner are passionately committed to an inclusive environment. If you feel unsafe, talk to Scotia or a staff member of the venue.

🔈 Respect the venue and its staff – the Fuze is hallowed ground in Albany nightlife history!

© Albany Proper, Inc.

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