The State of Health and Mental Health for Black Americans in New York

February 24, 2022 @ –

Please join Co-hosts Mayor Kathy Sheehan & Equity Agenda Chair Eva Bass
Moderator, Dr. Deb Privott and Panelists:
Dr. Julia Hastings, Lisa Wilson Good, Barry Walston, Alfredo Medina, for a panel discussion on the State of Health and Mental Health in Black Americans. Topics will include:

• Individual and community experiences of Black Americans (with a micro and macro lens)
• Social life
• Telehealth
• Tele mental health
• Alzheimer’s, family structure, and health
• Stress
• Community violence and trauma
• Black male achievement programs and interventions in the Capital District
• What institutions need to do, including practical steps to diversify staff and change the structure?
A historical perspective will be offered while connecting matters to the present.

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