First look at the nicest new bar in Albany: Pōst on Lark

Pōst, Lark Street’s newest wine bar, is set to open this weekend with a much-anticipated ‘soft open’ on Friday evening. The prime location at 200 Lark Street has sat idle after two former wine bars had short-lived stints. According to co-owner August Rosa, a focus of the new bar is to have a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, not just wine connoisseurs. While still staying true to it’s cozy date-spot history with intimate fine dining, the new front bar has also been remodeled to welcome the more casual crowd and includes a rotating selection of craft beers and spirits, paying homage to Rosa’s other Lark Street bar, Pint Sized. Browse below for some more photos from inside:

Co-owners Nick Warchol, August Rosa, and Craig Dutra have been hard at work the last few months getting Pōst ready for this weekend.
The raw-wood table and bar-tops were hand-built by Kelsea Adams, including this back patio bar.
The logo, which wraps their wine glasses, was made by local designer Caroline Corrigan.
Local musician and filmmaker Mark O’Brien has been the visionary behind the Pōst’s promo videos.
The bar is stocked with many choices of natural wines and spirits, as well as craft beer tap selections.
The back patio is nestled among classic Center Square views.
Most notably, the front bar area was remodeled to be more of a casual setting. Formal dining remains in the back.
After months of working on the space, the owners hosted a preview for friends after Tulip Fest. Friday will be a soft-opening with a limited menu.
The walls feature paintings by the artist Sean McNamara, a Hudson Valley native now based out of North Carolina.
There are three gas fireplaces to keep the place toasty all winter.
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